Math 478 Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Activity Notes
Tues 1/28/2014 Complex arithmetic  
Thurs 1/30/2014 Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, complex functions
Tues 2/4/2014 Cauchy-Riemann equations
Thurs 2/6/2014 Analytic functions
Tues 2/11/2014 The logarithm
Thurs 2/13/2014 Integration and the Cauchy integral theorem
Tues 2/18/2014 Cauchy integral formula
Thurs 2/20/2014 Using Cauchy’s theorems
Tues 2/25/2014 Power series
Thurs 2/27/2014 Laurent series
Tues 3/4/2014 Local theory of analytic functions
Thurs 3/6/2014 Residue theorem
Tues 3/11/2014 Argument principle
Thurs 3/13/2014 Project day
Tues 3/25/2014 Catch up and Project day
Thurs 3/27/2014 Project day and the Exponential Function
Tues 4/1/2014 Project day
Thurs 4/3/2014 Project day and Linear fractional transformations
Tues 4/8/2014 Project day
Thurs 4/10/2014 Project day and Automorphisms of the disc
Tues 4/15/2014 Project day and Hyperbolic geometry
Wed 4/16/2014 CAPSTONE DAY Capstone Day
Thurs 4/17/2014 Functions on a torus
Tues 4/22/2014 Domains for meromorphic functions
Thurs 4/24/2014 Lattices and the modular group
Tues 4/29/2014 Hyberbolic geometry (2)
Thurs 5/1/2014 Project presentations
Tues 5/6/2014 Project presentations