Math 135 Applied Calculus

Spring 2015: Daily schedule

A mathematical model is a quantitative representation of an aspect of the real world that is produced for a specific purpose. By necessity and design a model oversimplifies. A good model oversimplifies in a way that makes clear features of interest that may be obscured by detail. A good model helps you see the forest that can be obscured by myriads of trees.

Students in Math 135  create and use mathematical models. The mathematical skills to build and interpret the models come from: algebra, graphing, linear algebra, differential and integral calculus, differential equations, scientific computing, intuition, and common sense. Computing is integrated throughout the course.

Course components

  • Functions as models
  • Units, dimensions, and estimation
  • Concepts of derivatives
  • Symbolic differentiation
  • Optimization
  • Integrals and accumulation
  • Differential equations