Probability models

Learning objectives
  • Meet several standard discrete probability models: uniform, binomial, poisson.
  • Meet several standard continuous probability models: uniform, normal, log-normal, exponential.
Before class

  • Read textbook chapter 11
  • Do  assignment  Seventeen on the homework server.
  • Post to Piazza
  • Work on  the term project.  In necessary, modify information about your project and group on this Google Doc.  You should have a research question by today.  Your group should create a shared google doc (and shared with the prof) where you state you research question, write your survey questions, and other questions about the project.  You will need my feedback on your survey before sending it out.

In class

  • Explore probability models
  • Modeling activity  Copy this into your browser, then paste it in to a new R Markdown document in RStudio that you will edit (by filling in the blanks). After knitting, you should be able to see an easy to read document that looks like this.  Read it and answer the questions in RStudio.

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