Partitioning variation

Learning objectives

  • How a model partitions variation
  • Definition of R squared and correlation

Before class

  • Read Chapter 8, start Chapter 9
  • Do assignment Ten
  • Post to Piazza

In class

  • Introduction to knitR.
  • Presentation of Car project (group project): See assignment “Car Project” prob 7-23 on the assignment server. Here’s a template for your report. Due by Tuesday Feb 25  class.  Upload your html document to Moodle.
  •  If needed, consult Instructions for reading Google spreadsheet into R (Prof Flath recommends using the method described in the section “Without RCurl”.  However, you are welcome to try the other method if you wish.)
  • What is Rsquared for a linear model?
  • Quiz 3 (on linear models and their coefficients and formulas.)

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